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After years of development, PlasmaMade launched in 2013 with a revolutionary filter system, specially designed for the extractor hoods of the kitchen industry.
Our PlasmaMade Airfilter can be mounted directly onto any extractor hood, no longer requiring to have an outdoor air outlet. The benefits of this are a direct saving of heating and cooling costs, because the air is no longer vented outside, but remains within the house. This is what we call “recirculation”. An additional advantage is that the extractor hood can now be included into the EPC calculation of your home, which means that your energy label is finally accurate.

The PlasmaMade Airfilter eliminates not only cooking odours but also the pollen and bacteria within your home.
To achieve this, the PlasmaMade Airfilter makes use of 4 techniques.
First, the plasma which converts the O2 molecules to O3 molecules, eliminating odour particles.
Second, our electrostatic outer cores in which we create ions that pass through the cooking air.
And thirdly, our electrostats with their fiberglass core which allow us to capture and store coarse pollutions & grease and slowly eliminate these by means of electrodes in a steel inner and outer grid.
Last, the carbon outer core cleans the air and removes any residues, allowing our filter to completely eliminate both coarse and ultrafine pollutions.

The PlasmaMade Airfilter is built to last 10-15 years and complies with the strictest safety standards. Other systems often only integrate a single technique in their filter, and thus aren’t comparable to our revolutionary PlasmaMade system.
Each PlasmaMade Airfilter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which you can register so you are assured of the best service and an authentic product.
Read all about PlasmaMade in the many articles and press releases that can be found online. We also made several videos available on our own YouTube channel.

Since 2017, PlasmaMade has expanded its assortment with the PlasmaMade Carbon series. These filters are made according to the same idea behind the original PlasmaMade Airfilter. The main difference is that the PlasmaMade Carbon Airfilter eliminates only cooking odours.

The unique thing about the PlasmaMade Carbon Airfilter is that these last 2-3 years thanks to the high-carbon mix that we have specifically selected for this filter.
The filters are made of high quality materials such as black steel and ABS plastic.
These filters also fit onto every extractor hood so that the PlasmaMade Carbon series offer a suitable solution for every budget.
Unique to our system is that you can exchange and swap all PlasmaMade products with each other at any time, which is why we call it our Plug & Play solutions.

We hope that we have given you a bit of insight into our philosophy.
In the future, PlasmaMade will continue to work on improving the filters for your health and cooking convenience.
Our next mission is to completely eliminate the fine particles that are released when cooking.
We continue to work on our conviction that an extractor hood with recirculation shouldn’t need more than 300 m3/h to achieve proper suction.

What you can expect from us


This process results in a 99.9% profit.

High Performance

No mechanical pre-filter needed.


Filter out all the unwanted substances.


The PlasmaMade air filter complies with the latest EU standards 2015.


Safety Tested
The PlasmaMade filter has been tested to guarantee operation and safety.

ISO 9001 Produced
The PlasmaMade air filter is produced according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Best Price-Performance
The most economical plasma air filter in its class.




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