The Success of PlasmaMade

PlasmaMade was a significant participant at various trade fairs this year, from area30 for fellow manufacturers and Beurs Eigen Huis for consumers. This is not just the display of a design product, but also the introduction of an advanced technology for cooker hoods. The result is that demand for this technology is always rising.

It is not easy for a consumer to just understand plasma technology, confirms Martin van der Sluis from PlasmaMade. “You really have to contact consumers at a trade fair and explain various recirculation systems and plasma technology. You can’t do that in just two minutes. But when they understand, they react: ‘That is cool! It saves money and makes the air cleaner.’” The sale is usually easy afterward.

A brief description of the technology. The PlasmaMade filter has been specially developed to clean (cooking) air and can easily be attached to any cooker hood (existing or new). When the cooker hood is switched on, the air current will begin to move. This air current will be blown through the PlasmaMade air filter, and then it is detected by a sensor which turns the filter on or off. The air current and the amount of polluted air will be cleaned using the right dose of plasma. Smells, polls, allergens, grease and other rough pollutants will be filtered from the air. At the same time, the electronic filter will be activated, and all dust particles will be attracted and then eliminated.

“At the beginning of 2013, we said: we focus this year on the Netherlands and will then try to cross the border. But things have sped up considerably,” said Martin van der Sluis.
“Firstly, we sought potential partners within our country. And in the meantime, many of these, big or small, have included our product in their catalogues. Dutch retail firms and stores have added it to their assortment. We have been selling 60 to 80 filters a week. At the same time we have also been approached from abroad and we are already delivering to partners in Germany, Poland and Switzerland. We receive emails asking for information about PlasmaMade from Bosnia to Hong-Kong. They all seem to find us through our website.”
The near future is looking very attractive for this firm from Staphorst, in Overijssel. It will also be present at the trade fair Living Kitchen in Cologne.