PlasmaMade in Ref. Dagblad (Dutch Paper)

STAPHORST. Imagine having an invention that conquers the world. Martin van der Sluis (35) from Staphorst did it. He is barely realising what is happening to him, now his air purification apparatus, Plasmamade, is being sold in sixteen countries already.

Van der Sluis launched his invention in March, having passed the strict German TÜV-certification and with a worldwide patent. The machine is as brilliant as it is simple, truly a technological masterpiece. It is a circular filter which you can place in the drainpipe of your cooker hood. It is invisible. An exit to the outside is not necessary.

All polluted air in kitchen and room are 100 percent destroyed. The machine blows pure, clean air back into the room, and that while only using 15 watts. The lifespan of the PlasmaMade is twenty years, the machine costs 749 euros.

The fact that it does not have a ventilation shaft means it saves a lot of energy, according to Van der Sluis. “One family blows 200 euros out every year. That will no longer be legal in a number of European countries in a few years”, says Van der Sluis.

The man from Staphorst is modest. “No cowboy stories. I don’t pat myself on the back, but I can’t deny this is a great invention.”

Martin has been working on the PlasmaMade for five years with his brother Kenny. The filter is actually just an air cleaning machine. Those who don’t cook, can nonetheless let the cooker hood run softly. The machine then cleans the air throughout the home.

Kitchen companies from the whole world, including all large brands, are queueing up to sell the filter. “Originally, they were skeptical, but when they tested it and saw it worked, they all wanted it.” says Van der Sluis. Factories confronted with smell issues, such as coffee burners, are also interested.

As the name indicates, the PlasmaMade works through plasma. This gas is created when oxygen is electronically charged. The first step in the air cleaning process is that an electrostatic filter on the outside of the tube deals with solid materials in the air current: they are burned. Then, it destroys the plasma that is sucked through the cooker hood to the outside, and all the rest. Steam, dust, pollen, bacteria and smells, it doesn’t matter: the air becomes cleaner than mountain air.

The filter measures the composition of the air and makes as much plasma as needed. Economical and efficient.

Martin Van der Sluis runs a metal company in Staphorst with his wife and his brother Kenny. They make high-quality materials and have created, under the name Ornell, their own brand of cooker hoods. “Therefore, I have experience with air purification,” says Martin, who has a technical background.

Invention is in his genes. “If I have a problem, I want to solve it. I got the idea for this system through our son, who has asthma. Air purification systems exist, but they work through carbon filters you have to switch regularly. That is expensive and impractical. Ozone is also regularly used, but too much of this substance is not healthy. Before oxygen becomes ozone, it becomes plasma. I then thought I should be able to do something with this, combined with an electrostatic filter,” says Van der Sluis.

A company in Drachten produces the filter. Since the introduction in the specialised press in March, demand has been huge. Van der Sluis has received a number of offers from large firms, who want exclusive rights to his invention. He refused. “This invention is for everyone.”