PlasmaMade KeukenKrant

Recirculation based on plasma technology

The PlasmaMade air filter is a self-cleaning recirculation filter. It contains four types of filters in a single housing: a plasma filter, a glass fibre filter, an electrostatic filter and finally a carbon filter. It was specifically developed to be used in extractor hoods and does not only remove typical cooking odours, but also, among others, pollen and bacteria.
Dutch inventor Martin van der Sluis is quite proud of his product. Today, the PlasmaMade filter is sold worldwide and is now also TÜV certified.

Van der Sluis is a known appearance in the sector, not only as a kitchen expert, but also as the developer of PittCooking (integrated stoves in the countertop). At a certain moment, it turned out that his son was suffering from allergies, so he and his brother decided to work on developing ‘something’ that will improve the air quality at home. “We worked about five years on our invention.” says Van der Sluis. “And the result is the PlasmaMade filter, a filter that is about as large as a big box with biscuits, which can easily be installed in most existing and new extractor hoods. The device quickly eliminates all impurities and contaminants in the air: cooking odours, dust, pollen, bacteria, smells, cigarette smoke, viruses, fungi… it doesn’t matter!”

When an extractor hood with an integrated PlasmaMade filter is turned on, the grease filter of the extractor hood itself will first filter out fats and other coarse impurities. The air is then blown into the PlasmaMade air filter. This airflow is detected by a sensor which then turns the PlasmaMade filter on or off. Depending on the airflow and amount of contaminated air, a certain amount of ionization plasma (O3) is injected. This ionized plasma (O3) removes O2 molecules from the contaminated air, breaking down the air. Only CO2 and water vapour (H) remain. During this process, the glass fibre filter is activated by the electrostatic filter. Through this collaborative process, all released dust particles are attracted and also eliminated. The minimal amount of smoke particles that arise from this process are then eliminated by the ionized plasma. Finally, the carbon filter purifies the air once more.

Flat model
The original PlasmaMade filter is circular and designed for integration into conventional hoods. However, downdraft extractor hoods continue to gain ground and that trend has also been noticed by Van der Sluis. A few weeks ago, an additional model was launched, a flat version that is specifically designed for downdraft systems, and thus, for example, can be placed behind the skirting board. Van der Sluis: “This flat version of the PlasmaMade air filter only distinguishes itself by its shape. It still works the same way as the original, circular shaped model and offers the same benefits.

Van der Sluis likes simplicity and transparency, which starts with the filter itself. “Anyone can install the device.” he stresses. “It is truly a plug & play system.”
The same simplicity and transparency are also reflected in the distribution model that’s used by the manufacturer: “We are working exclusively with importers, so we do not sell directly to the dealers nor the consumers. We agree upon clear conditions with our importers. They all buy our filter at the same price and the margin for the trader is fixed, so that the consumer price is more or less the same worldwide. ”

Van der Sluis hasn’t finished inventing yet. “We still see many opportunities for our PlasmaMade filter. “Consider the example of using the device in offices, the hospitality sector, schools, laboratories… There are so many places where clean air is of the utmost importance!”

Those who want to become acquainted with the company and the PlasmaMade filter, should attend one of the many trade fairs where the company is present. These are, for example, Area30 in Löhne (September) and LivingKitchen in Cologne (January). Taking a look at the site may be worthwhile in the meantime. Here, the operation principle of the filter is explained in detail, in a whole range of different languages.

The PlasmaMade filter does not only eliminate typical cooking odours, but also smoke, pollen, bacteria, all kinds of smells, viruses, fungi, etc.

Martin van der Sluis: “The consumer saves money with a recirculation hood because the heated air isn’t disposed of outside, and with our PlasmaMade filter they also get clean indoor air on top of that!”

The PlasmaMade filter is very compact. It can be integrated in most existing and new extractor hoods. “It’s child play,” stresses the manufacturer, “truly plug & play.”

The original cylindrical PlasmaMade filter got a ‘little brother’ last month: a flat model that can be placed behind the skirting and is therefore suitable for downdraft extractor hoods.