PlasmaMade Air Sensor

PlasmaMade, known for its revolutionary extractor hood filters, has now added a unique Air Sensor to the range. With this Air Sensor you can measure the humidity, carbon dioxide, TVOC (degree of pollution) and the temperature. The accompanying app ensures that you can easily read the measured values on your smartphone or tablet.

What makes the Air Sensor from PlasmaMade so handy?
With the 4 standard basic values you get insight and advice via the app on how you can easily achieve the right living environment. First of all this is important for your health but certainly also for your wallet. As everyone knows, air quality is very important for health.

What is being measured and why?
* The temperature in the room you have chosen. This is important to achieve a comfortable living environment. Too high a temperature can cause an uncomfortable feeling and also result in listlessness. Too low a temperature can also cause an uncomfortable feeling and cause your resistance to decrease.
* The humidity is also very important, because a too low humidity can lead to a reduced resistance and, for example, dry eyes. On the other hand, too high a humidity can cause accelerated fungal and bacterial growth in the room and can therefore cause illnesses and decrease the resistance.
* The carbon dioxide or CO2 value is very important to give a correct indication of the living climate in your chosen space. A low CO2 value is the most comfortable to live in, a slightly higher value cannot hurt, but it is better to keep it low. Too high a value can lead to a headache or a feeling of listlessness and loss of concentration, which makes you feel very uncomfortable.
* The TVOC value provides insight into the degree of pollution in the room. The lower this value is the better. TVOCs are caused by, for example, cooking, DIY, smoking, or the washer and dryer in your home. In short, everything that produces gas or dust. Too high a concentration of TVOC can cause lung problems, headaches, an irritated nose and / or asthma.

Optional a particulate matter module can be ordered in the app. With this particulate matter module, PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10 can be measured. With particulate matter also applies: the lower this concentration is, the better. Fine dust is caused by cooking, fireplaces, vacuuming, candles etc. Too high a fine dust content can result in respiratory problems or even worse, this enters the lungs. Even the ultra fine particles under PM 1 can get into the blood, which in the worst case can even cause cancer. Particulate matter is seen as the biggest problem of the future. The particulate matter module can easily be placed on the app’s board and will immediately display the data.

Where can the sensor be placed?
The PlasmaMade Air Sensor can easily be placed in any room. It is also very easy to install; you register the sensor on the WiFi network once and it is installed.

The PlasmaMade app
In the PlasmaMade app you make direct contact with the PlasmaMade Air Sensor. You then immediately gain insight into the air quality of the chosen room. If there are changes in air quality, the app immediately reports this. The app also looks at data from the immediate area and also bases its advice on this. This way you always have a comfortable indoor climate.