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KitchenEX & PlasmaMade partner to “transform” extractor hoods

Distributor KitchenEX has announced a new partnership with PlasmaMade, a manufacturer of plasma filters.

“Plasma filters,” says KitchenEX, “are becoming more popular as customers look for a more efficient alternative to ducted cooker hoods. In future, it is predicted that plasma filters will become the go- to system when ducting is not an option, offering efficiency and cost savings in heating as well as a long lifespan.”

An extractor installation typically requires an outdoor vent, and when this is not feasible recirculating using a charcoal filter is the usual option. However, this reduces hood efficiency. PlasmaMade filters recirculate cooking vapours without any reduction in efficiency and can be fitted onto any new or existing extractor hood. This, says KitchenEX, delivers immediate savings on the installation and by reducing heating/cooling costs.

“A PlasmaMade transforms an extractor hood into a high-end air cleaner. The filter eliminates all particulate matter from the air. To facilitate this, we combine smart electronics with plasma technology, an electrostatic filter and ionization.”

PlasmaMade offers two models: round and flat, so claims to have options for every cooker hood. This new generation of filters does not filter and absorb the air, but cleans the air, so the extractor hood actually becomes an air cleaner

Built to last an average of fifteen years, lasting over twenty times longer than the standard carbon filter and obviating the need for regular replacement, the PlasmaMade is “a cost-effective solution to help preserve the environment.”

For information call KitchenEX , exclusive distributor of PlasmaMade filters in the UK.

0114 399 8672